Building Hope With Purple Thoughts

SPECIAL GUEST: George Pessotti

Episode Summary

Join us as George shares his thoughts about one of my Purple Thoughts!

Episode Notes

George E. Pessotti is an Independent Agent, Certified Estate Counselor and Long-Term Care Specialist with over 35 years of experience working with clients and elder-law attorneys throughout the New England area. The long-term relationships he has sustained with many of his clients attest to his gifts and talents as an estate and retirement planning professional. Other notable professional achievements include:

In addition to George’s professional accomplishments, his published book “Reason for Living” chronicles his near-death experience from a gasoline explosion in 1979 which resulted in burns over 85% of his body. A passionate advocate for the burn survivor community, George has dedicated his life to supporting those who have experienced the trauma of a burn injury. He has served as President and Pro-Tem Executive Director for “The Phoenix Society”, an international non-profit and the world’s largest organization for burn survivors. In 2006, George was awarded the coveted “Breslau Award” from The Phoenix Society-their highest honor. 

George has been the key-note speaker for a number of local and national events. His humor, charisma, and vast knowledge of estate planning, real estate and retirement planning make him a valuable asset and educator.

When not working, George enjoys spending time with Joanne, the love of his life and wife of 38 years, or going on adventures with his sons & grandchildren.